December 12th 2012, Teatro Ristori, Verona


Francesco Mazzoli played J.S. Bach on the harpsichord Pleyel Grand Modèle Wanda Landowska 1958, conducting the Orchestra "Die junge Klassizität".

This harpsichord was personally ordered with a special sonority by Wanda Landowska for her last pupil Irma Rogell; the great Polish musician played on it during her last year of life.

Mazzoli performed a program fully dedicated to J.S. Bach: the Brandenburg Concerto n. 3 BWV 1048, the Harpsichord Concerto BWV 1054 and the Brandenburg Concerto n. 5 BWV 1050.


Irma Rogell passed away two months after the concert, on February 9th 2013. We're so sad about this announcement, although we're glad to know that the great harpsichordist could assist in mental health to the revival of her instrument in the concert hall. To her our affectionate commemoration.