Claude Mercier-Ythier

F. Mazzoli with the harpsichords maker Claude Mercier-Ythier during the tuning of the Pleyel harpsichord 1939 owned by Daniel Carrillo, at Bibliothèque Polonaise in Paris, on 17th July 2013.


Jean-Claude Battault

F. Mazzoli with Jean-Claude Battault during his visit at the historical collection of the Cité de la Musique, in Paris.


Daniel Carrillo

Carrillo with F. Mazzoli before the concert held on his Pleyel harpsichord in Paris, on 17th July 2013.


Marco Vincenzi

Marco Vincenzi, musician and director of "Centro Studi Musicali Ferruccio Busoni", with F. Mazzoli near Ferruccio Busoni's sculpture, in Empoli.


Barthelemy Formentelli

The organ and harpsichord maker Barthelemy Formentelli with F. Mazzoli, tuning an organ rank before a Christmas concert.


Peter Ghirardini


The sound engineer Peter Ghirardini with the harpsichordist and conductor Francesco Mazzoli near the Pleyel harpsichord 1958 Grand Modèle de Concert Wanda Landowska at Teatro Ristori, Verona, on 12th December 2012.